Thursday, June 4, 2015

Relating to other people: What kind of person are you?

We all have known someone in our life that we feel we have known forever. This person understands us like no other and we get along great! This person may be our parent, a friend, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, husband or wife. These people work well with us and getting along with them is easy. We go to them when we need comfort, a laugh, or to spend time while just being ourselves. 

And then there are those other people... We have all met them, too. It seems like some people are just so different from us that we can't seem to get along at all, no matter how hard we try. We think one thing and they think something else. We just don't understand each other and it causes problems: sometimes small, but sometimes big ones. 

So how can we get along with and work well with both kinds of people? How can we understand people better so that both of our lives are happier? That will be the topic of this Friday night. To learn the answer to these questions, we must first ask: "What kind of person am I?" This will be the first part of our four part series. (At least that is the plan!) 

To begin with, we will be exploring our different personality types. To get a head start on yours, please take this quick online test and write down your results to bring with you for discussion. 

English Journal

1. Who do I have the closest relationship with? What do I like about it?
2. Name one person you can't understand or get along with very well. What is it about them that drives you crazy?
3. What personality type are you? Do you agree or disagree with the test results?

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